Tuesday 11 Dec, 2007

Gifts for globetrotters

Time’s ticking if you’re looking for that perfect holiday gift for would-be world travelers.

You could opt for the basics, or you could find something new and unique, such as a toothbrush sanitizer, a weather-predicting umbrella or even The Speaking Global Translator.

If you’re looking to stock up on stocking stuffers, Gadling recommends a one-stop travel shop: Flight 001,
which carries nearly every imaginable travel item. It also specializes
in those necessary tiny toiletries. There are stores in just four areas around
the country (New York, Chicago, L.A. and the Bay Area), but you can also visit online.

About.com’s student travel writer, Kathleen Crislip, offers up nine lists of gift guides, including everything from travel journals to gifts under $25 to educational tours such as EF.

The Chicago Tribune recently had its own gift ideas for travelers, including nearly indestructible maps from Rand McNally. Also, CNN.com just wrote about gifts for traveling families.

Of course, travel books always make a great gift—check out National Geographic Traveler’s Ultimate Travel Library. There are
dozens of new travel books each week, but if you’re in the mood for a classic,
we recommend Twain’s Following the Equator.