Monday 5 Dec, 2016

Everything You Need for Your Inauguration Tour

Heading to Inauguration? Our Inauguration Tour Manager, Lauren W., knows exactly what you need to do and bring to prep for the big day. We’re handing today’s blog post over to her, so she can give you a few expert tips and tricks.

On January 20 2017, I will be attending my third Inauguration as an EF staff member. I feel truly lucky to have the chance to witness history again and to support our groups on the road. As many of you near holiday vacation, here are some insider tips to help you prepare over the coming weeks:

  • Travelers and parents must attend all final meetings. I would recommend holding one before you break for the holidays, and then another one once you return.
  • The tour will be fast-paced, and there will be lots of walking! So make sure you pack warm and comfortable shoes.
  • Remind students to be on time and to be respectful of their fellow travelers as well as others around them.
  • Stay hydrated. Even though it won’t be warm out, you and your travelers will be on-the-move for most of the day. Drinking water will be key in staying healthy while exploring D.C.
  • Plan for Inauguration Day meals. It’ll be an early morning and some groups will leave their hotel as early as 5:00am. Hotels will provide a grab-and-go breakfast that day, but bring snacks and cash for lunch while on the Mall.
  • It will be cold! In January, D.C.’s average high is only 38 degrees—and Inauguration is an entirely outdoor event, where it could very well rain or snow (although I’m keeping my fingers crossed). Many families might need to acquire these cold-weather clothes in advance, and the holidays are a perfect time to get started. (Presents, anyone?) You can also suggest that students speak with their neighbors or family members to see if they have items they can borrow.
  • Start packing! It might seem early, but if you start gathering things now, it’ll make the process that much easier. Here’s a list of things you’ll want for the chillier days: a hat (we will be providing these!), heavy winter jacket, gloves, scarf, cold-weather boots (thin shoes will not work), a second pair of comfortable shoes, extra socks, sweaters, long underwear or leggings to wear under pants, a camera/phone, and a phone charger (those portable/wireless phone chargers are a great stocking stuffer!)
  • When packing, keep in mind that most airlines have baggage restrictions and fees. Please check with your specific airlines and encourage your travelers to use a carry-on and wear their bulky items on the plane.

Preparation is key for this type of event, but most of all I hope you are excited to join me and many of your fellow Americans in D.C. in just over a month! Can’t wait to see you there.

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