Thursday 16 Jan, 2014

Running of the Bulls Tour Fundraising

This coming summer Sarah R. and her students will embark on a Spanish adventure full of freshly fried churros, heart-pounding flamenco dancing, and delicious Spanish tapas. But before departing for their Spanish Fiesta they needed to organize a tour fundraiser that was not only fun and successful, but also brought a little Spanish culture to their hometown.

Running of the Bulls

The group started planning their fundraising strategy this past July. After collaboratively brainstorming several ideas with students and parents they decided that flamingo flocking would be their fall fundraiser. Not only was it a great way to promote their tour, but it was a proven fundraiser that would help cover travel costs. Yet it was clear to everyone that the fundraiser needed a little Spanish flair, so the group pushed aside the bright pink flamingos and let loose “The Running of the Bulls!”

Before the students and their bulls could stampede through town they needed to first coordinate schedules and of course assemble the bulls. A local design company donated materials needed to create the signs and bulls. Parents then created teams and a nightly schedule to determine which students would be “on call” and responsible for transporting the bulls.

For $20 family and friends could communicate with parents of the group via email or text and request a stampede of bulls be delivered to any yard of their choice. Parents would contact the students “on call” and notify them of their next target. Once a home was hit the owners had four choices:

1. Have the bulls removed for $10.

2. Have them transported to another yard of their choice for $20.

3. Purchase insurance and keep the bulls from returning for an additional $15.

4. The most boring option…Choose not to participate and have them removed.

On the first night the students hit a yard belonging to a school employee. Nobody wakes up in the morning expecting to find a bunch of bulls in their yard so the feedback students received the next day was quite entertaining. Those hit by the bulls had a great attitude and many paid to have bulls sent to a friend’s yard or gave a donation on top of having the bulls removed.

Aside from being a monetary success, the experience helped build teamwork in a fun, safe, and collaborative environment while also providing students with a strong sense of accomplishment. Perhaps even more than that, they realized what a supportive community they were part of and how many people were willing to help them achieve their goal and “Viva España!”