Wednesday 3 Jan, 2018

A Beginners Guide to Fundraising

People in LondonWhen presented with the trip of a lifetime, you never want financial burden to be a reason for missing out. This is why so many classes turn to fundraising as a means of supplementing the cost of their tour. Jump start the process with this basic guide to trip fundraising.

Make a plan: Write your goals down. How much money do you need to raise? How much time do you have? Are you going to fundraise individually or as a class? Seeing your objectives on paper can help you determine the types of fundraisers that will work best for you. For example, if you need to raise a few thousand dollars, a bake sale might not be your best option.

Use your network: With your EF fundraising link, family and friends can donate to your tour without ever having to whip out their checkbook. Once you’ve reached out to an initial close group, broaden your reach by sharing your story on your social networks. Explain why this tour is important to you and what you hope to learn on the venture–don’t forget to link back to your page!

Organize an event: Events are a great way to raise money in a short amount of time–limited only by your imagination. Go the traditional route with a car wash or a bake sale. Throw a talent show or host a gala and tie the theme to your trip destination–your options are endless. Stay organized along the way with a written plan that includes event details, needs, goals, and individual responsibilities.

Get selling: There’s a reason fundraisers have been around for so long–they work. Every year school groups raise over 1.5 billion dollars. With so many product options our there, research becomes an important part of the process. Evaluate the price of the product, the percentage of profits your school will receive, and any delivery or shipping fees before making your final decision. Consider your audience as well–you’ll sell more if the product is desirable or useful.

No matter which fundraising approach you take, draw donors in with a compelling story. Don’t just ask for money, paint a picture of what their money will do. By including donors in your journey you’re sure to reach all of your fundraising goals!

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