Monday 17 Mar, 2008

Passport Potpourri

One of the initial thrills of planning your first trip abroad is getting your first passport. Unfortunately, the process sometimes can seem like a hurdle.

Luckily, with all of the recent changes regarding U.S. passports, there has been a lot written on the topic. We’ve already had a couple of posts about passports, and we’ve recently come across more tips, questions and suggestions regarding passports.

One of the best sources of advice and information has been the Los Angeles Times, which just answered a question about passports that are starting to fill up with stamps. The Times suggests adding blank pages to be on the safe side, and offers tips on how to go about that. The Times also wrote about some new, discreet holders to keep your passport secure.

In other recent passport posts:

• Need a passport fast? The huge backlog that existed last year has now evaporated, so the normal process takes only about four to six weeks. Gadling’s Jamie Rhein wrote last month that she got her renewed passport in 16 days. Kathleen Crislip at About Student Travel can top that. She wrote recently about How to Expedite Passports and says you can get one fast without even paying an expediting service. She says she even once got a passport on the same day she applied.

• Need a cheap passport photo? Gadling relayed an article from Vagabondish’s Nora Dunn with tips on how to take your own passport photo for less than a dollar.

As always, the most accurate, up-to-date information about passports can be found at the official State Department website: