Monday 29 Jun, 2015

EF’s Golden Key Challenge: May #EFInMyShoes Winner and Honorable Mentions

We’ve all heard the saying, if you really want to get to know someone, “put yourself in their shoes.” So for May’s EF Golden Key Challenge contest, we asked students to put a “travel” spin on the phrase and share with everyone a video or photo of their shoes exploring the world, while using #EFInMyShoes. Whether they were taking in nature’s beauty in the Swiss Alps or walking the Equatorial line in Ecuador, their feet were part of the journey.

As you know, only one submission could win May’s GoPro. Not only did this student’s shoes take them to a beautiful place, but they were able to capture much more than just their shoes – congratulations Corinna and Hannah!

Picnic with the birds on Mt. Pilatus. #efinmyshoes #eftours #abroad_pics

A photo posted by Corinna & Hannah (@2014europetrip) on


Which one is North and which one is South? 

When you actually put yourself in someone else’s shoes.ef in my shoes  3In “our” shoes?
ef in my shoes 4 Looks like an excellent place to rest your feet.

ef in my shoes 5

Thank you to everyone who participated! Let’s keep it going with June’s contest #EFMy360World.