Wednesday 24 Oct, 2007

The EF World Series

It’s Boston vs. Denver in the World Series starting tonight, and EF Educational Tours has a rooting interest—on both sides.

Our longtime headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., always has a case of Red Sox fever. But our brand-new office in Denver obviously is backing the hometown Colorado Rockies. The lines have been drawn, and the wagers have been made. (Although we’re just talking about triumphantly displaying the winning team’s pennant in the other office, plus some ice cream—Ben & Jerry’s vs. Rocky Road, perhaps.)

In truth, EF ought to deserve some credit for the Rockies’ improbable ride to the Series. Since EF expanded to Denver (just a few blocks from Coors Field) in August, the Rockies have gone 43-22, including eight straight playoff victories.

So, it’s time to choose sides—Sox or Rox? I’m in Boston, a mere three miles from Fenway Park, and I’m firmly on the Red Sox bandwagon. Red Sox in 5 games!