Wednesday 10 Dec, 2014

EF’s Partnership with the Rio 2016 Olympics is Extra Special for EF Englishtown CTO

Earlier this year EF Education First announced that they had been appointed as the Official Supplier of Language Training Services for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. Using the online language learning platform, EF Englishtown, EF is partnering with the Brazilian Ministry of Education and the Brazilian Olympic Committee to teach English to 550,000 high school students and 450,000 Rio 2016 Olympic volunteers.

EF Englishtown CTO

On Monday, WIRED Business writer Issie Lapowsky published How Brazil Plans to Teach a Million People English Before the Rio Olympics. In illustrating her article, Lapowsky tells the story of EF Englishtown CTO, Enio Ohmaye. A native of Brazil, Ohmaye traces much of his success back to learning English, which he’ll tell you had a lot to do with him being able to earn a degree in computer programing. But now, years later, Ohmaye is “returning home” and looking to provide over one million Brazilians with the same opportunity that he had.

Excerpt from How Brazil Plans to Teach a Million People English Before the Rio Olympics

“By the time Ohmaye was 18, after years of struggling in Brazil, he bought a ticket to the United States in installments, so he could work as a busboy at a country club in Monticello, New York. A year later, with a little money in his pocket, he moved back to Brazil to get a degree in computer programming. Ohmaye says he had an easier time at it than his classmates did, for one reason only. ‘I could read the manuals,’ he says.

The manuals were written in English, which Ohmaye had picked up during his year abroad. His classmates weren’t as fortunate. ‘My English was so good compared to the students next to me,’ Ohmaye remembers. ‘It completely changed my life.’ And now he wants to change other lives in much the same way.

Ohmaye finished college at the ripe old age of 27. He moved back to the U.S., after landing a job at IBM, and later became a scientist at Apple. And now, as CTO of the online learning institution EF Education First, Ohmaye wants to teach English to one million Brazilians before the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics.”

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