Thursday 1 Jan, 2015

Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary with EF’s Golden Key Challenge

It’s our 50th anniversary, and we’re giving away GoPro cameras all year long to celebrate. So how do you score one? Get creative in EF’s Golden Key Challenge. Every month there’s a new challenge, and another chance to win a GoPro.

EF's Golden Key Challenge #EFTravelDreams


This month, tell us about your travel dream. Post a video to Instagram that’s no more than 15 seconds long using #EFTravelDreams. Tell the world where you want to go and what you want to see – the more imaginative, the better!

No filters, no music and no copyrighted media. Just be creative and let your personality shine, and make sure you don’t delete the original video after posting it. If you don’t have Instagram, click here and upload your video using the form on the page.