Tuesday 1 Apr, 2008

Vagabonding’s Inspiration

Speaking of Mark Twain, our favorite travel writer gets his due from author Rolf Potts in the April issue of National Geographic Traveler.

Potts is the champion of vagabonding, or extended traveling without a set itinerary. He has written a book, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, and maintains a Web site, vagabonding.net, devoted to his passion.

There’s a Q&A with Potts in the April National Geographic Traveler, and editor Keith Bellows asked him, “Which storytellers have had the most influence on you?” Potts’ response:

“Certainly Mark Twain. He was someone who could travel the world and find delightful details. I recall Twain said he’d seen enough bones of St. Stephen in European cathedrals to replicate him several times over.”

We love a good Twain reference.