Saturday 5 Aug, 2017

Language Immersion 101: Why Do They Eat Tapas in Spain?

In the Equator’s new graphic series, Language Immersion 101, we’ll look at several non-English speaking countries and highlight the language and culture that defines them. Most importantly, these graphics can help teach us how to speak a foreign language and confidently communicate with locals while traveling.

One of the best ways to experience a city’s personality and character is to approach it using all five of your senses. Madrid and Barcelona are no different: The smell of freshly baked churros lingers under your nose. Your eyes become fixated on the country’s beautiful architecture. Your ears are treated to the smooth sounds of Spanish guitar, while your body feels the heart pounding beat of flamenco dancing. But arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of Spain is using your sense of taste, and there’s no better way to do that than by visiting a tapas restaurant.

These small, flavorful dishes offer travelers the opportunity to taste authentic Spanish cuisine, but also experience a unique part of Spain’s culture. In our first Language Immersion 101 post we’ll explore “¿Por qué comen tapas en Espana?” while also dissecting the linguistics of the sentence and hopefully gaining a better understanding of the Spanish language.

Tapas in Spain