Friday 23 Oct, 2015

Finding Your Place: This is Hannah’s Story

Like Hannah, all of us at one point have looked at the world with preconceived notions and felt overwhelmed. But it’s only once we truly experience it that we realize we’re part of something special. Something that is beautiful and infinite.

Tell us your favorite stories from tour and we’ll use them to inspire others to explore the world. Make us smile, make us laugh, make us cry the good tears. Tell us about an amazing “first” from your tour, or about going back to a place you’ve always loved. We want to get to know you, your experience and the sights, sounds and people that make your story unforgettable. All we ask is that you keep it to around 250 words and email it to We’ll include the best ones on our blog, in our brochure, in videos…heck, we might even put them in a bottle and toss them in the sea. Because great stories are worth sharing with everyone.