Tuesday 22 Jul, 2008

Rome bans snacking at tourist sights

When in Rome … don’t snack near the tourist sights.

In an effort to keep the Eternal City eternal, the city of Rome is cracking down on snacking tourists with a new law that bans eating and drinking near the monuments in the city’s historical center.

That means no treats by the Trevi Fountain, no cappuccino in front of the Pantheon, no gelato on the Spanish Steps, no late-night snacks at the Colosseum.

The new ordinance—which remains in place through October—is aimed at preserving the city’s historic and artistic treasures from the millions of visitors every year. The fine is 50 euros (or about $80).

This is just the latest move throughout Italy to “protect” tourist sights by clamping down on tourists. One of the most notable was Venice’s ban on pigeon feeding.

Photo: jonrawlinson via Flickr