Thursday 17 Jan, 2008

Having a ball at the Spanish Steps

Rome … the Eternal City … the history … the architecture … the food … the pranks?

A half-million colorful, plastic balls flooded Rome’s famed Spanish Steps yesterday in yet another stunt by a vandal/artist.

The red, yellow, blue and green balls bounced down the Spanish Steps and filled up the 18th-century Barcaccia fountain. The New York Times‘ blog The Lede and London’s Telegraph have the details (and photos). But you can follow the bouncing balls in this video:

The prank delighted and frustrated onlookers and business owners alike.

“It is an artistic operation that documents with art the problems that we have in Italy,” publicity-seeking artist Graziano Cecchini said at the scene, according to the Times.

Cecchini, who was detained by police, pulled off another colorful stunt in October, dying the Trevi Fountain blood-red, in protest of the Rome Film Fest.

What do you make of Cecchini’s latest "work"—brilliance or nuisance?