Thursday 29 May, 2014

Explore Germany in the New EF EducationalTours Berlin Experience Video

Taking the opportunity to travel the world and authentically experience new cultures undoubtedly helps influence our global perspectives. Without that opportunity our views are often limited to what we’ve only read or heard. For example, history books tell us that Berlin was once a ravaged city paralyzed by war and conflicting political views, but what we don’t always see is the spirited and lively city that has now become 21st century Berlin. Though the city will always represent an era that should never be forgotten, today its vivacious and diverse culture transcends the city’s dark past and stands as a symbol for global citizenship.

In our new EF Tours Berlin Experience video, see teachers and students travel to Berlin and explore the city’s uncomfortable history and experience its vibrant modern day culture.

Discover the capital of Germany on one EF’s many student tours of Berlin.

Berlin Prague Krakow and BudapestBerlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest
With the Communist era fading into history, the cities of Central and Eastern Europe continue to move forward, proudly reaffirming their individual identities.


History: WWII and the Western FrontHistory: WWII and the Western Front

Feel a tangible connection to the most crucial moments of World War II. Stand where the soldiers fought, see where the leaders met, and walk where the civilians lived.


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