Thursday 29 Jan, 2009

Photo of the Week: Feeding the flock

More than one EF traveler has spotted this unique character while touring Paris, and a couple have snapped photos of him and his pigeons.

This fun photo was submitted to the EF Tours group on Flickr by Honor Heindl, who described her shot:

“When touring Europe with EF this summer, I came across this old man
feeding all the birds in the courtyard of Notre Dame in Paris. This
photo captures the emotion and character of the Einstein-looking man
and his loyal flock during feeding time.”

Other travelers—including varajastoni and runxcountry78—have pointed out the same guy on Flickr. If you have any cool travel photos (of the birdfeeder or anything else), submit them to the EF Tours pool on Flickr. We select a new Photo of the Week every Thursday.

Photo: Honor Heindl via Flickr