Friday 29 Feb, 2008

Monopoly Update

Voting officially ended last night for Monopoly’s upcoming Here & Now: The World Edition. But we’ll have to wait awhile to find out which 20 world cities make the new edition. The official site says that results will be revealed later this year.

As we wrote previously, it appears that Canada may dominate the new board and that Montreal may earn the coveted Boardwalk space over Paris.

There is still time to weigh in, though, on the two-card cities that will earn the final two spots on the board. Voting began today among the top 20 write-in candidates, and the top two vote-getters will replace the traditional Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue. And Canada could earn yet another spot. According to the leaderboard this afternoon, Quebec is the leading city in early voting, followed by Taipei. Voting on the wild-card cities concludes Sunday, March 9.

The wild-card cities are:

Adelaide, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Bern, Switzerland
Brisbane, Australia
Cancún, Mexico
Chennai, India
Cork, Ireland
Gdynia, Poland
Izmir, Turkey
Johannesburg, South Africa
Lvyv, Ukraine
Novi Sad, Serbia
Quebec, Canada
San Francisco, United States
Szczecin, Poland
Taipei, Taiwan
Tamworth, England
Volendam, Netherlands
Waterford, Ireland
Winnipeg, Canada