Monday 14 Jan, 2008

Words for World Hunger

If you’re looking for an addictive online word game (and a way to contribute to a global cause), check out FreeRice. Its mission: Help end world—and word—hunger.

It couldn’t be simpler:
Correctly answer a basic vocabulary question and 20 grains of rice are
donated to the United Nations’ World Food Programme. That’s it.

The game is tailored to match each person’s vocabulary. If you get a question right, the next one is harder; get it wrong, the next one is easier. That way anyone at any vocabulary level can play—and donate.

Since launching in
October last year, FreeRice has donated more than 14 billion grains of
rice and is now giving more than 100 million grains a day (including the 1,200 grains I just donated).