Wednesday 14 Jan, 2015

NPR Illustrates 2015 #EdPredictions with a Tweet-Comic

As most of you know, the Equator is our channel for exciting travel stories and unique cultural content and activities. But with many readers being teachers and students, we thought we’d share a cool education article on NPR that we recently read and enjoyed.

Earlier this month nprEd polled 15 teachers, administrators, students and education executives for their 2015 education predictions. Since this group was too small to speak for everyone nprEd asked their readers to share their predictions on Twitter using #EdPredictions. To say the campaign was a success would be an understatement. Search the hash tag in Twitter and you’ll quickly find what seems like an endless scroll of varying thoughts, ideas and opinions.

But the nprEd team and their Visual Producer, LA Johnson didn’t stop there. Amongst all of the great predictions, they chose 5 to produce a “sketchucation tweet-comic.” For each one that was selected Johnson created an interpreted illustration of the tweet. If I had to choose, my favorite would be Johnson’s interpretation of a teacher’s split role between classroom educator and leader.

The full article and each of Johnson’s illustrations can be found here on

nprED Sketchucation EdPredictions
Photo Credit: LA Johnson/NPR