Monday 12 Nov, 2007

Happy Geography Awareness

Schools are closed today in recognition of Veterans Day, which was yesterday. But that wasn’t the only noteworthy holiday yesterday.

Are you aware that yesterday also was the start of Geography Awareness Week? The National Geographic Society has helped promote it the third week of November annually since President Reagan signed it into law in 1987.

National Geographic also has launched the My Wonderful World campaign to promote geography education. Check out the site and its blog.

The campaign looks impressive, the website is sharp, but nothing compares to Lilly, the not-quite 2-year-old featured in “The World Map Master Baby Genius” video on YouTube video. Intelligent Travel pointed us to it in a wonderfully titled post: “Knowing Leads to Going.” The video is must-see viewing—as evidenced by the more than 800,000 viewings and nearly 800 comments it’s already attracted.

We can’t wait to see Lilly on an educational tour in about a dozen years.

In the meantime, Happy Geography Awareness Week!