Monday 14 Apr, 2014

NPR’s Planet Money Breaks Down the Past, Present, and Future of Our Global Economy at the 2014 Global Student Leaders Summit

When we hear about the economy, we tend to look at in microscopic terms, as it relates to us – how it affects our day-to-day lives, our families and our futures. As such, our thinking tends to gravitate towards the “now”. Being able to strictly focus on what’s directly in front of us certainly has its advantages, but when looking to create a successful socially responsible business, it’s important that we remember to take a step back and look at the broader picture as well.

At last month’s Global Student Leaders Summit in Shanghai, Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg of NPR’s Planet Money provided students with just that, giving them a vivid snapshot of not just our present economy, but our economy’s past and future, as well. Students joined Adam and Alex on stage, helping them to physically illustrate the development of the economy, and the evolution of income distribution, over time. This culminated in Planet Money’s T-Shirt Project workshop, which challenged students to design a t-shirt that would successfully compete in today’s global economy, while explaining the lifespan of a simple T-shirt.

We combed the coverage from the Summit, and put together a Twitter recap of some of our favorite moments from Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg’s presentation at EF’s 2014 Global Student Leaders Summit.