Wednesday 19 Mar, 2014

Global Student Leaders Summit: Day 2 Recap

Emcees Amy Pond and Daniel Paccione, along with the very popular summit Panda, kicked off Day 2 of EF’s Global Student Leaders Summit with a Shanghai Shake dance-off. Once everyone was warmed up teachers and students welcomed keynote speakers Jon Huntsman, Jr. and Akanksha Hazari. Huntsman, the former Ambassador to China, and Hazari, the 2011 Hult Prize winner filled the day with invaluable advice and inspiration. Student’s were empowered to take risks, dream big, strive to make a difference and improve the lives of others.

Possibly, the most inspiring part of the day was the summit’s Innovation Village. After hours of collaborative design thinking, students presented their socially responsible business ideas to judges, teachers, and other students. In the end, two winners were chosen.

Here are the Day 2 social media highlights of EF’s 2014 Global Student Leaders Summit in Shanghai, China.
Emcees Amy and Daniel look to the Panda for some dancing advice.

EF Tours President Shane Steffens holds a Q&A with former US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.

Huntsman offers inspiring advice for students to follow and live by.

Students were eager to ask Huntsman their own questions during the Q&A.

Teachers were happy to step in and help students with their design thinking project.

Students prototyping their design thinking projects before finishing.

The unveiling of many great socially responsible business ideas at the summit’s Innovation Village.

Student Media Interns jumped at the opportunity to interview Huntsman during EF’s Global Student Leaders Summit “press conference.”

After the design thinking process was completed and projects were presented at the Innovation Village two winning groups were selected.

Hult Prize winner for the 2011 Clean Water Crisis Challenge, Akanksha Hazari closes the 2014 summit with one final challenge for the students.