Tuesday 18 Mar, 2014

Global Student Leaders Summit: Day 1 Recap

On Monday, EF kicked off its two-day Global Student Leaders Summit in Shanghai, China. Day 1 included speaker discussions and workshops from Irving Steel of Edenworks, Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson of NPR’s Planet Money, and members of the DoSomething.org team. While teachers took part in a 21st century learning workshop, students were asked to begin preparing for EF’s design thinking challenge and create a socially responsible business that helps solve a local or global issue.

Below are the social media highlights of Day 1. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a Day 2 recap of the summit’s innovation village, the winning group of the design thinking challenge, and the keynote address from former ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, Jr.
George Stewart and other members of the EF team are ready to go!

Emcees Amy Pond and Daniel Paccione kick off EF’s 2014 Global Student Leaders Summit from Shanghai, China!

Amy and Daniel brought lions with them!

We sure did Emily…We sure did.

Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson of NPR’s Planet Monday opened up the students’ eyes to the history and timeline of economic disparity.

Students weren’t afraid to ask the tough questions during a Q&A with Adam and Alex.

Students are ready to collaboratively share ideas and get to work!

Alex and Adam challenged students to revolutionize the t-shirt industry in countries like Bangladesh.

DoSomething.org presents “10 Ways Social Change Makes You a Baller.”

A graphic recording of Irving Steel’s presentation on the future of urban agriculture and aquaponics.

The summit isn’t just for students…

Students prepare for their design thinking presentations and the innovation village.