Thursday 3 Sep, 2015

2015 Davos Summit Student weShare Winners

EF Global Student Leaders Summits are built around four key areas of focus – immersive travel, thought leadership, design thinking and online learning. Each area helps strengthen a student’s problem solving skills through creativity, innovation and adaptability. But EF’s online learning platform – weShare – creates a unique learning experience that takes place both before and after the Summit. EF weShareFor every Global Student Leaders Summit, EF’s judging panel selects two student projects that incorporate the Summit theme and demonstrate strong communication, passion and innovation. Our June Summit concentrated on the Future of Education and Innovation. The two winning projects explored how students could become more actively engaged and present in their school. Each student laid out a clear action plan for implementing their idea and inspiring other students in the community. Meet the 2015 Davos Summit weShare winners:

Madison S. Grade 11 – Understanding the Whole Picture

Crystal C. Grade 11 – Voice and Action: The Way of the Future

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You know students learn on a deeper level when what you’re teaching connects to their own lives. Our weShare platform makes sure that happens on tour. It taps into each student’s strengths and passions, helping them put a more personal lens on their experience. Post-tour presentations and videos give them a chance to reflect on and share what they’ve learned, and even earn high school or college credit.