Thursday 1 Nov, 2007

Monday Motivator (on Thursday)

Want to be motivated? Need some inspiration? Or just want to see some really great students talk about traveling?

Then you’ve got to watch the Monday Motivator.

Every Monday morning, our very own Jen Flynn—EF’s Education Director—shares a video clip from this past summer’s Global Citizens Tour, as inspiration to our staff and as a reminder of the amazing impact that travel has on students.

Now, we can share our Monday Motivator with everyone. (Excuse the fact that our first installment of the Monday Motivator comes on Thursday—just consider it the equivalent of when ABC used to run “Monday Night Football” on Thursday nights.)

Meet Max Mertens, from Pinehurst, Nova Scotia — population 500! He’s involved in 4-H, competes in high school soccer, track and field, cross country and badminton, and enjoys bicycling, music and photography. He biked with his dad in Mexico two years ago, but that was the only time he had been out of Canada. Max’s dad once backpacked around Europe, and—after seeing some of Central Europe with EF this summer—Max is determined to follow in his footsteps!

For more about the Global Citizen Awards—and the tour—click below to continue reading.

Each year, EF Educational Tours selects a dozen Global Citizens through an essay contest. This year’s topic was:

“In our interconnected world, technology can bring you closer, but there is no substitute for experiencing the world
firsthand. Describe how technology and cross-cultural experience together have helped you grow as a global citizen.”

We received 600 essay entries this year, and EF staff read and reread every one to select 12 Global Citizen Award winners. These tremendous students earned a spot on our Global Citizens Tour in July. The students (and accompanying EF staff members) embarked on a memorable tour to New York, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Dachau and
Berlin. You can read about all of the highlights on the Global Citizens’ blog.

The 2008 Global Citizens Award contest will be announced in January.

In the meantime, keep an eye on Following the Equator for additional installments of the Monday Motivator!