Wednesday 16 Jan, 2008

FreeRice update

We’ve gotten a lot of interest about the FreeRice website we wrote about Monday. The site donates grains of rice for each vocabulary word correctly identified.

One intriguing question we received: How many grains of rice constitute a meal?

The only thing we could find was a blog post from November. This author’s friend claims that about 3,500 grains equal a meal.

Since that post, FreeRice now donates 20 grains of rice (up from 10) for each correct answer. So,
if you do the math, that means you’d have to correctly identify 175
words to donate the equivalent of a meal. At an average of 10 seconds per correct answer, that
would take about a half-hour for a meal. Not bad, huh?

But add up all the words and all the rice … on Monday, FreeRice donated more than 158 millions grains—that’s more than 45,000 meals in
a day. And the 14 billion grains total equals more than 4 million meals since starting in October.

One last thing: There’s also a FreeRice application on Facebook that makes playing—and sharing—the game even easier.