Cuisine, language and culture are just a few of the things that bring global cities and countries to life. The following insights highlight best-kept secrets, local treasures, fun facts and traveler suggestions. Whether you’re going on tour or researching a potential trip, find a little travel inspiration here.

The Other Side Of The World

It’s nearly every American kid’s belief that China is on the exact opposite side of the world. That’s what we… Read more

Speechless in Spain

They’re going to have to keep humming in Spain—at least for a while longer. Spain’s national anthem, “La Marcha Real”… Read more

Where did they film that?

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‘David’ might move

Has David outgrown Florence? The city of Florence thinks so. Authorities in the Renaissance City are considering a plan to… Read more

Twain inspiration

We’re not the only blog drawing inspiration from Mark Twain these days. In his blog, Global Neighbourhoods, Shel Israel just… Read more