Traditional Moroccan tea houses, local olive farms, La Sagrada Familia, flamenco shows—these are just some of the sights, sounds and flavors you’ll find in Spain. This Mediterranean destination offers bold and unique architecture as well as some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Check out these posts to learn more about Spain and the educational tours that travel there.

Friday Fun Fact: Torre del Oro

Seville’s famous military watchtower has been known for centuries as Torre del Oro, which means “gold tower” in Spanish. However,… Read more

Friday Fun Fact: Occitan

The traditional language of Carcassonne—the French medieval walled city that we wrote about earlier—is called Occitan. Occitan is a language… Read more

Rear Window

In anyone’s house or apartment, there’s usually one window, door or balcony that offers the most picturesque view of the… Read more

Paint by countries

For the fourth time in the last nine autumns, I’m expressing my arrival into a new country through interior painting…. Read more

Columbus’ Spain

Christopher Columbus—whose first landing in the present-day Americas is commemorated today—is one of the world’s most legendary international travelers, making… Read more