When people think of England, images of tea, the Queen, and soccer often come to mind. But England is so much more. It’s a country rich with history, culture and tradition. From Oxford’s academic atmosphere to the picturesque countryside and urban London vibe, England offers something for everyone. Check out these posts to learn more about England and the educational tours that travel there.

Crossing Abbey Road

There are few more iconic street crossings than the one at Abbey Road in London. Since the Beatles famously crossed… Read more

Focus On: Hadrian’s Wall

In northern England, just about at the modern-day border between England and Scotland, lies the 1,900-year-old Hadrian’s Wall. It’s a… Read more

Focus On: Warwick Castle

About two hours northwest of London is Warwick—pronounced “WORR-ik”—home of Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle was built by William the Conquerer… Read more

More stunning photos of London

London aeriel photographer Jason Hawkes recently shared more of his unique vision with The Big Picture, the Boston Globe’s awesome… Read more

Focus On: Hampton Court

Just about 12 miles southwest of central London is Hampton Court, one of Henry VIII’s palaces. Henry didn’t build the… Read more

Looking at London from above

There are some absolutely amazing photos of London—at night, from above, no less—on The Big Picture, the phenomenal photo blog… Read more

Literary London

Where are the best literary destinations in the world? You’ll find them in Great Britain, at least according to one… Read more